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DIY smart home the easy way


Non-limiting hardware

Two quiet smart switches with ports (VCC, GND, SIG) for any digital and analog sensor allow autonomous operation (they can be used without a central system and without a router). Web-based management via WiFi, and MQTT protocol capable of communicating with the central system. The electrical circuits are secured and meet the required safety standards.


Advanced open-source firmware

Specify the device type and switching behaviour via the web interface. Select the connected sensors, whether they are switching or measuring something. The switching sensor selection logic takes into account all kinds of logic states, so any sensor can be connected. Adjust the luminosity and the behavour of external leds. The device can operate autonomously, but by connecting to the central MQTT communication system you access all the states and commands available for creating automations. To increase security, the web administration can be locked. Firmware can be conveniently updated via a local web server.


Open central system

Control the device conveniently by connecting to the central system. Create limitless automation from all your connected switches and sensors. From one device you can create two separate switches or one switch switching between outputs, or even control both switches as one. From central system you can update firmware to all of these devices at once from a local web server.

Air quality sensors project completed

Why I created universal switches

Inspiration for using smart switches